The Sanctuary of the Virgin of the hill

In 1990, the news about the apparitions of the Virgin to a woman named María Livia spread. From that moment, he began to have a series of supernatural manifestations. Since then, pilgrimages and days of prayer are held every Saturday at the hermitage. The place is visited daily by thousands of believers.

The Shrine of the Immaculate Mother of the Divine Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is located in the City of Salta, capital of the Province of Salta – north of the Argentine Republic, at the top of the second of the three hills at whose feet lies the Tres Cerritos neighborhood in the northern part of the City.

From the top of this hill that is one of the custodian hills of the City, at approximately 350 meters high, you can see from its front to the west all the City of Salta and the extension of the Lerma Valley and from the other directions the nature that surrounds it.




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